From a young age Eduardo’s musical interest prevailed thanks to the influence of his older brother that played guitar and tough him how to play, starting with classical guitar, Cuatro a Venezuelan typical instrument and progressing to electric guitar, He started a band and started playing in Caracas music scene at the time in the 1990s.

After recording at different studios in caracas all trough high school, he felt in love with recording and the production process and wanted to learn recording at a professional level.
He venture to pursue a carrier in recording arts at FULL SAIL, back then Full Sail was oriented towards production, recording process, mixing, and tour live shows, he learned all the technical aspects, electronics and audio technology.

Since 1996 Ed has been developing his production skills and musical style, working at Top studios of NYC with masters of the craft.

After almost 12 years working in recording studios NYC he moved to Los Angeles California were he resides and works.

On the music mixing/production side, He has been awarded so far with 4 latin GRAMMY nominations, 1 NARAS GRAMMY nomination and 1 Latin GRAMMY.

Ed has been running Visionear studios since the year 2000, were he does mixing/recording, dialogue restoration, mastering and he creates original music compositions for picture/multimedia.
Many Award winning productions, shorts, movies and documentaries.

As a live sound mixing engineer Ed works with renown Artist Draco Rosa, The band Kinky, Omar Torrez and los Amigos Invisibles.

On his electronic music projects he has released records with several European electronic music labels including SOG records-Sweden, Fabric-London, Release records-Canada, Bazooka München-Germany, and OV-Silence-Hamburg, Germany.

Always Looking forward for new projects to come , so if you have one, just reach out and lets make it happen, we will be glad to consolidate your concept and work new ideas,  if you have to record a talent or need mixing just don’t hesitate to contact Ed and make it happen.


some more BIO experience:

Eduardo Larez 

Head sound mixer at Visionear Studios specializing in Audio for touring and Audio production.

More than 22 years of experience working as a professional audio recording/mixing engineer.

Mixing experience for Music, Tv Networks, documentaries, multimedia content, advertisement, production companies, film producers, editors and prestigious corporate brands.

Studio work involves deliverables for broadcast and music distribution standards, involving proper playback levels and medium formats.

Original music production, editing, sound design, audio cleaning/restoration for streaming and mastering.

Live FOH mixing engineer for over 20 years for renown artist, experience touring many countries and mixed at world famous venues/music festivals. 

Work involving gear logistics, advancing shows with venues production leads, managers, concert producers, and working smooth with union workers.

Systems and gear planing for the tours. Coordinating complex stage set ups, designing stage plots, input list and complex signal flows.


Latin Grammy Award Winning Producer/Mixing Engineer with 3 Latin Grammy nominations and 1 NARAS Grammy nomination.

Sound Mixer for Isa Award-winning best short film “Lesson #7”- 2019

Sound Mixer and Music composer for Best Short Documentary NY/LA        Film Festival- 2013.


1995-1996  Full Sail Recording Arts bachelors’ degree.


2000-Present: Freelance Sound Mixer and Audio consultant for Visionear studios.

2013 -Present: FOH Mixing engineer for Draco Rosa, Kinky the band the Omar Torrez band and freelance mixer for many top acts.

2012-Present: 48 Windows Santa Monica CA

Post Production bilingual mixer and recording engineer.

2000-2013 NYC

FOH mixing engineer for Los Amigos Invisibles

1999-2001 Studio 57,  NYC. 

Worked Mixing and Recording at a professional state of the art facility.

1997-2000 Soundtrack Group studios, NYC. 

Engineer and Assistant engineer, worked included recording and mixing also working directly with the producers and A&R’s from record labels, foreseen the complete quality and success of entire albums.

1997-1998 The hit factory, NYC.

Worked as Intern and Assistant engineer 

1996-1997 Platinum Island,  NYC .

Worked as Intern and Assistant engineer 



Proficient with MAC and PC computers, deep knowledge of diverse DAW’s Protools, Ableton Live, Logic pro. 

Fluent in Spanish and English .

Experience with all the top live mixing consoles in the market and live audio sound systems 

Proficient utilizing Izotope RX for cleaning dialogue and restoring sound. 

 Works well with other individuals, hard worker under pressure and tight deadlines.

Knowledge of Digital/Analogue Hybrid systems, proper signal flows and microphone technics.