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Music out on Spotify and all streaming services.

Eduardo Larez Artist Profile Main

New music out on Spotify, available at all streaming services. Check the tunes out. Eduardo Larez Visionear Music

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STYE – Gunslinger by Tybercore


Stem Mixing and Mastering for this powerful album to get your head banging going! Drums were Tybercore’s new album fuses heavy rock riffs, sound design and big powerful drums to create an album for serious adrenaline junkies. Music that empowers

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STYE – Long Long Road by Mosher & Stoker

long long road

Stem mixing and  Mastering of this Americana Rock Folk Grass roots album for STYE. Singer Songwriters “Mosher & Stoker” wrote this mesmerizing Americana Rock, folk, grass roots album reminiscent of songs by Mumford & Son, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and other

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STYE – Unscripted Drama Vol 2

Unscripted drama vol 2

Mix And Master this beautiful music composed foe nature documentaries or material of that sort. Unscripted Drama Vol.2 is a collection of emotional, romantic, moody, tension based scores perfectly suited for nature documentaries, reality TV, crime drama and other programming

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STYE – Bossa Nova Lounge Bar

bosa nova

Mixed and Master for STYE this really cool lounge chill out bossa album. The sensual smooth sounds of Bossa Nova are infectious. The feeling of vacation on a remote beach, sipping a Pina Colada is what you’ll get when you

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STYE – The Last Stand by Tybercore

the last stand

Mixed and Master this Epic Hybrid Orchestral Album for trailer and Games music. Tybercore comes back with an over the top epic hybrid orchestral album that will drive heroic Marvel style film trailers to new highs. A fusion of arpeggiated

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STYE – VALOR by Steve Syz


Mix and Master another Epic album for Song to your eyes music library. Composer Steve Syz brings us an epic orchestral collection of heroic, triumphant hybrid orchestral cues recorded with 60 piece live orchestra. Exciting, energetic, exhilarating cues that will

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Lisa Zane – Val D’ Amour

Lisa Zane

Lisa Zane is an amazing actress and singer, i got to record and mix this beautiful and eclectic album for lisa. Produced by Lisa Zane, Omar torrez and Carlitos del Puerto. Enjoy this nice record you are a mystery to

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Andrés Mata – Guayoyo

Andres mata

I got to Master this funky track by Andres Mata, Produced and Mixed by Dj Afro Jose Luis Pardo.

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Belen Cusi- Closer


I got to master the new Album from single Belen Cusi here is one of the singles called Closer. “Produced by Grammy-winning producer DJ Afro, Belén Cusi’s debut single “Closer” combines jazzy harmonies, Latin rhythms & velvety vocals to create

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Vibe Quest – Sol Selectas


Dj Sabo’s Vibe Quest was a complete mixing journey. Really nice to see this tunes take shape day by day as i helped Sabo finish mixing them. As i was mixing he was re arranging the tunes with the updated

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Latin Grammy Nomination 2018 with Los Pixel “Ahora los sabes todo”


Los Pixel – “Ahora Lo Sabes Todo”, Nominated for the Latin Grammys for best Rock Album of 2018. This is the 5th album from venezuela’s Legendary rock singer Pablo Dagnino’s band Los Pixel. Pablo was the singer for Sentimiento Muerto

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On Tour With Draco Rosa – Monte Sagrado


Touring mixing FOH with Draco Rosa since 2013. Monte sagrado its an amazing album i am blessed and inspired to be working with such talented musicians. Hope you can catch the show at your home town and enjoy some live

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El Juego Bonito – DishLatino


Original Music for Juego Bonito Spot for HAVASWW for the world cup 2014 Dirigido por Xavier de la Cueva, Producido por JC Rodriguez, Dirección Creativa Bernardo Gómez, Guión Isa Traverso, Música Eduardo Larez para HAVASWW Chicago, Cliente DishLATINO. News by

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B Corp – Dan Ross

Original music, Mixing and mastering Dan Ross, team rider for Patagonia shares about his connection with the ocean and why he’s helping companies like B Corp lead businesses into adopting cleaner business practices.

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Yo Me Comprometo A

Eduardo larez Audio Mixing and mastering for Yo me comprometo A campaing spot,  viral video campaign. Music by Freddy Sheinfeld and Elick Alvarez Music mixed by Juan Cammarano Video producer by Oren Stambouli and Praticia Velasquez Edited by Otto Scheuren

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Futuro Revelado – El Totalmente Nuevo Lexus ES del 2013 y El Primer ES Híbrido

Future Unfolded – Voice over Recording via ISDN,  Spanish version Mix, Lexus -ES   Agency  walton- isaacson Client  Lexus Studio 48 windows  

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Los Amigos Invisibles – Repeat After Me

The new album from Los Amigos Invisibles is finally out ! “Repeat After Me” is a fantastic journey trough music that makes us dance, smile and love one another! I got to record some of the drums for the tracks

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Rawayana – Rawayanaland

The second record of the venezuelan band RAWAYANA is out. RAWAYANALAND a mix of latin caribbean son and reggae. Produced one half by Cheo Pardo (Los Amigos Invisibles) and the other Rafa Greco (Guaco), it is an amazing album full

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Kids of 5114

A Documentary short following 13 year old Nathan on a journey to meet 6 of his 19 half siblings whom were all conceived with the assistance of sperm donor 5114. Eduardo made original music for these very special short film

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CNBC Mad Money’s sound design

The new Mad money Show intro is already on the Air, with the sound design done by visionear. The work included a complete show package, Show Open, The week that Was, Bumpers, Coming up and lower thirds. All done in

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48 windows Studios Los Angeles

I am working with 48 windows studios What a wonderful staff and place. I thank Eric Garcia (President and main Mixer) for sharing his wisdom, patience and expertise with me. I am working some of the Hispanic sessions in need

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Amigos Invisibles- Grammy nomination 2011

I am happy to announce that i have another grammy nomination as mixing engineer with los amigos invisibles for the album “Not so commercial”, After winning the Latin Grammy with “Commercial” best alternative album of the year 2009. These are amazing

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Music for MOFO Holiday greetings video

These Holiday greetings video was animated and created for Morrison & Foester from scratch. Art Direction Laura Alejo 2D and 3DAnimation by Freddy Arenas for  Corporate Agenda NYC. check the video here at the link MOFO original music    

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Who’s On your List/ Quien esta en tu lista? (HBO latino)

New Original music for HBO the latino list,  youtube interviews produced by engage studios NYC for HBO latino for the upcoming Documentary The Latino List . In the upcoming documentary The Latino List, influencers such as Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, John

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Disney Theme parks radio spots

Made Original music for Disney theme parks radio spots, Produced by Engage studios NYC A pirate theme for the pirates ride and adventure parks.

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LAI fall tour/Tour de Fat/Nortec/Thievery Co

Lots of good news with the fall september tour with Los Amigos Invisibles . TOUR DE FAT 2011 We started with The tour de Fat amazing bike festival from New Belgium Brewery were we gather with 20.000 people biking around beautiful Fort

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FALL tour with Los Amigos Invisibles

Lots of good news with the fall september tour with Los Amigos Invisibles . TOUR DE FAT We started with The tour de Fat amazing bike festival from New Belgium Brewery were we gather with 20.000 people biking around beautiful Fort Collins

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Finally the new 2011 VISIONEAR is up and running please go check it out ! With new projects, videos and music that i have been working on .    

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Visionear just made new music for Light The Night fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society LLS featuring Actor Michael C. Hall, as the as their new ambassador and spokesman . It was Produced By Jesse Dylan’s  Wondros . Michael C.

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Invisibles tour 2011

The Febuary 2011 USA tour with Ios Amigos Invisibles and Trombone Shorty from new Orleans, was a success, with many sold out shows and lots of fans. The trip started in the west coast from Seattle, playing all the main

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I’ve been composing music for FREE FORM  Jesse Dylan’s Media company that in the service of ideas strive to change and educate people and culture. i am very happy to be working in such noble and enlightening projects. some of the projects are

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CNBC news new redesign

The new CNBC news redesign is on the air ! after so much work and revisions the sounds and music is out there . the fx for the stock windows and many many sounds that you here at the newly

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ESQ MOVADO tv campaign

So i just finish the music for the new ESQ MOVADO tv campaign with Michael Rothman . michael is an amazing editor and creative person such nice vibe and detailed level of craft . the jingles are already on the

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Australia and new Zealand LAI tour

We did a amigos invisibles tour trough out australia and new Zealand , and i never got a chance to write about it . First of Huge thanx to Frank madrid for getting us there for the second time ! Frank yo

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Latin Grammy

I am so glad to win a Latin Grammy with los amigos invisibles ” commercial” ! best alternative record of the year !  thank you amigos invisibles for loving what you do so much , and the passion involved on anything you guys

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Austin City Limits

All I can say is wooow Austin city limits it’s really an amazing festival. My stage was a tent with Adamson speakers , PLM amps with a lake prossesor with a yamaha 3500 oldschool. The show was amazing people dancing

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some of the latest production news

Well ive been finishing the mamastroficos album produced by super maurimix from los amigos invisibles with the last 4 songs to go in the album . its coming along siiiick very nice iam happy about the last ones , now

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Omar torrez worm-ups for Oct tour

Last night i worked with Omar torrez and kinky  at the California plaza Free concert series,  kind of like the amazing ones i did for years in new york like the river rocks ,prospect park, castle Clinton and museo del

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LAI California tour and mexico

hello to all my invisible Fans if anyone really reads this, then greetings to you :0) Since  July i did sound for los amigos invisibles at Rock en el Rio festival Ciudad Juarez , excellent production nice festival. In august

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Live sound FOH

I Recently worked mixing live for Paula Cole  she is amazing really cool show . Miguel hadelich did the lake tuning and system calibration for the hall . he is the best ! no other . The mexican Tour with the Omar Torrez Band will start

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Music Production

On music Production i just worked mixing and mastering Fiera de vinil by Sunsplash Alberto Stangarone super cool track i love it . The Omar Torrez Band , i mixed and recorded 10 live songs  for a CD and video ,Omar Just did the

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Audio for motion and tv show packages

  I just finish the music and sound design for 3 complete TV show packages ,Broadcast ID’s with Carlo Vega and Brian Sensebe for MTV3s and the release of Pssst .3 with 2 new collaborations . Fiesta de Colores MTV3S , Unscripted MTV3S ,  El Click  MTV3S

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