Australia and new Zealand LAI tour

We did a amigos invisibles tour trough out australia and new Zealand , and i never got a chance to write about it .

First of Huge thanx to Frank madrid for getting us there for the second time !

Frank yo are such a candid and amazing sould a true angel fallen from the sky ! with a bit of a cute devil inside hehe 

 we had for tour manager Ivan Ordenes from chile , super outstanding guy. what a cool friend and such a fantastic  audio engineer , we could not possibly had a better person to help us out on our adventure ! he was driving too ! its extremely hard to drive on the other side of the road .

thanx to mario and all the people that came to the shows and supported us during the tour . hope to be back soon ! 

more stories and pictures to come , new zealand and australia are such epic places that its no match to write such a short story like this .

but i will do it soon .