Music Production

On music Production i just worked mixing and mastering Fiera de vinil by Sunsplash Alberto Stangarone super cool track i love it .

The Omar Torrez Band , i mixed and recorded 10 live songs  for a CD and video ,Omar Just did the last tour ” Glitter and Doom Tour” 2008 with Tom Waits , playing guitar,  very exited to work with him and his band members Carlitos del puerto , jimmy Branly and  john wakefield we will be going to mexico on tour on april.

 I just Mastered another Album for My dear good Friend and super talented musician Nuuro for his new project “The reddest Ruby” you have to check it out impressive alchemist album artwork you could get it on i tunes to help nuuro with his amazing talent! Artwork by Nikolay Saveliev .

The mastering and one song on the album by my artist chill out aka yare for “yo hago yoga hoy” nice palindromes in spanish ,compiled By Dj trujillo this cd is a complete concept for yoga and chill out with the cream of venezuelan producers and musicians, the cool art work and cover concept done by La Marca  . this cd will be coming out soon . 

another band that i am mixing is Mamastroficos from mexico half the album is done we are finishing the other half it is produced by super Maurimix , Mauricio Arcas form los amigos invisibles.