Austin City Limits

All I can say is wooow Austin city limits it’s really an amazing festival.
My stage was a tent with Adamson speakers , PLM amps with a lake prossesor with a yamaha 3500 oldschool.
The show was amazing people dancing like crazy fun.
I saw people running to the stage ones I krank the gass on the console and started to pound some sick live house music from los invisibles. Huge bass and beat sick percussion keys and sexy vocals that make you dance all night to hunting grooves.
That’s how it felt last night at ACL.
The sound system felt a bit short after so many people was outside of the tent dancing . But over all very happy to be there giving my best.
Been a part of such a nice festival and to share with other fellow artist and audio engineers such a nice night makes me happy. A little brake from the rat race. It goes to show all the good things that USA haves to offer if you want to belong and whant to be involved to make a change and participate to share with others in such events and gatherings that makes us more human. It gives a feeling that we belong and share together .
Tonight Dallas house of blues lest rock !!!

Even if there is no one out there reading this. This is my outlet to let it all out in to how is going down as I go.
One love
Let love rule and free will
93 93/93