LAI California tour and mexico

hello to all my invisible Fans

if anyone really reads this, then greetings to you :0)

Since  July i did sound for los amigos invisibles at Rock en el Rio festival Ciudad Juarez , excellent production nice festival.

In august we did the House of blues west coast series Anaheim, san diego, Los angeles, and the legendary FILLMORE in san francisco. what an honor to work there were all the grate musicians have recorded and play ! just what a blessing for me.

At all of this shows they had very nice Midas consoles my favorite live mixing board !

in September we went to monterrey again for a nice show with susy 4 electronica band this show was at escenica club with a yamaha m7cl board.

one of the highlights was teatro METROPOLITAN theater en el DF . AMAZING Theather totally masonic domes statues!!

thanx to aquiles from Degidesign crew for recording the show we used the venue console and recorded multitrack to protools

very nice to record the sound check and then remix from it .

then we took a van to xalapa Veracruz with a nice museum venue with a midas and a nexo !!sound  system .

now i’m getting ready for the best festival in USA Austin City Limits!!  it will be incredible , can’t wait to be there rocking the show with LAI , we will be closing the Xbox stage ! .